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See Reviews on Cooking Club of America websiteOur Organic Vanilla Coffee is Member Tested and Approved
by the Cooking Club of America

We are proud to announce that the Cooking Club of America recently performed a member test with our Organic Vanilla Coffee and the reveiws are in! Here is a sampling of the comments:

"I loved the smooth flavor of this vanilla coffee."
- Nikki Slaven, Cookeville, TN
"This coffee was really good. I was impressed at the combination of real organic vanilla beans and coffee beans"
- Nina Phillips, Douglas, GA
"I liked being able to taste both the vanilla and coffee without one overpowering the other"
- Donna Student, Oroville, CA
"I'm not a big fan of vanilla-flavored coffee ... However, this coffee is delicious"
- C. Sutton, Bloomington, TX
"Being a coffee drinker, I appreciate the bold flavor"
- Diana Scheschowitz, Punta Gorda, FL
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Many thanks to all the Cooking Club of America testers for their comments.
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